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Partner Organizations

The origin of life is a big problem, and we at OoLEN are not alone trying to solve it! Below you will find other organizations around the world that support and are supported by OoLEN. Check them out for the latest in research, conferences, job opportunities and more!

AbGradE (Astrobiology Graduates in Europe)


AbGradE (Astrobiology Graduates in Europe) is an independent association with the goal of inspiring, educating and promoting networking among early-career scientists and students in astrobiology, space science and other related fields. Managed by an enthusiastic group of PhD students and post-docs, AbGradE regularly organizes activities that foster networking, such as workshops and symposia, to give a broader background in the different disciplines that Astrobiology comprises. The main gathering is the symposium AbGradE hosts each year preceding the EANA Astrobiology conference.

Everyone is welcome to join and participate!

BIOTA Institute

BIOTA Institute

The BIOTA Institute is a US nonprofit research organization based near the Silicon Valley of Northern California which supports leading science on the question of the origin of life. Our research involves experimental testing in the lab and the field, computational models and wider implications of a scenario for life beginning in land-based volcanic hydrothermal pools. BIOTA provides small grants, travel support, mentorship and laboratory experience to young investigators from undergraduate students through to postdocs and early career scientists. We also engage the public and media on the scientific, business and philosophical implications of the quest to determine how life can begin.

UCL Centre for Life’s Origins and Evolution (CLOE)

UCL Centre for Life’s Origins and Evolution

The UCL Centre for Life’s Origins and Evolution (CLOE) is a world-class centre of excellence for research focussed on the understanding of the origins of life and animals and how they can help us to understand today’s changing environment.

CRC 235 – Emergence of Life

CRC 235 – Emergence of Life

CRC 235 – Emergence of Life is a cross-disciplinary network, in the long-term, aiming to experimentally demonstrate a cascade of mechanisms producing life from ordinary matter. This collaborative effort is funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) and brings together several traditionally unrelated disciplines: astronomy, biology, chemistry, geoscience and physics as well as several renowned German universities and institutions: Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Technical University of Munich, Helmholtz Center Munich, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, University of Heidelberg and University of Stuttgart.

ILASOL (Israel Society for Astrobiology and the Study of the Origin of Life)


ILASOL (Israel Society for Astrobiology and the Study of the Origin of Life) is an Israeli scientific society, devoted to perhaps the most profound riddles ever facing science – life’s origin and early evolution, and its existence and dispersal in the universe. Astrobiology has been established as a field of study a few decades ago, and the Israeli scientific community has been at its forefront ever since. ILASOL was established in 1987 and has been a member of FAO (the Federation of Astrobiology Organizations) since January 2005. ILASOL holds an annual gathering every year, in which astronomers, physicists, biologists, chemists, geologists, and researchers of other disciplines present works related to life’s origin and astrobiology.



ISSOL was established in 1973 as an international not for profit corporation chartered under the laws of the District of Columbia and charged with serving as a professional science society supporting origin of life research and related fields. The Society is dedicated to the furtherance of astrobiology and origin of life research through the individual efforts of its members and in cooperation with other national and international scientific organizations. ISSOL receives support for student and young researcher travel to the triennial meeting from a number of organizations including the NASA Exobiology program, the NASA Astrobiology Institute, and more recently the Earth-Life Science Institute, the Simons Foundation and various private donors. In 2005 the society recognized the needs for a broadening of the scope of ISSOL and officially designated the society as an astrobiology society. In 2007, Stanley Miller bequeathed the society funds that provided for the introduction of a fellowship program providing small research grants for new career astrobiologists.

The Dutch Origins Center

The Dutch Origins Center

The Dutch Origins Center is the national knowledge centre for research into the origins and evolution of life on Earth and in the universe.

Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life (NoRCEL)

Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life

The Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life (NoRCEL) aims to foster a truly global inspirational community of original creative thinkers. We are cutting across disciplinary confines and engage in respectful discourse in order to explore new directions beyond well-trodden paths and to build collective endeavours for advancing the science of the emergence of life. NoRCEL does not dodge the big unknowns and purposely provides an antithesis to the scientific streamlining that tends to be trapped by dogma. We appreciate diversity as a key asset in framing complex multifaceted research questions and developing adequate methodologies for addressing them.