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One of the key missions of OoLEN is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and post-disciplinary discussions between early-career researchers.

We endeavor to inspire young researchers to think unconventionally and question well-established opinions in the field. This entails providing a safe environment to raise new and unconventional ideas and discussing them fairly.

As discipline-specific language has proven to be a barrier to get into a dialogue with each other, our conversations are kept on a very basic terminological level whenever possible. We also want to clarify and detect terms that are commonly used but have particular meanings in different disciplines, to improve the dialogue in the future.

To approach the big questions of the OoL, researchers need to unite and work together as a community. We want to drive the establishment of new connections and work collaborations to catalyze the exchange of knowledge.

OoLEN organizes small online meetings every few months, with the option for short talks on new ideas and research and space for small breakout group discussions about specific topics.

On top of the online activities, we organize the OoLEN (previously IOoL) meeting biannually to meet in-person and further facilitate the exchange.

Links to the previous meetings: IOoL 2018 and IOoL 2020.

2018 IOoL Meeting

Participants of the 2018 IOoL (now OoLEN) Meeting

We at the OoLEN think that origin of life researchers have been separated by their disciplines, hypotheses and language for too long, it is time to overcome these barriers and start an open dialogue.

Are you an ECR working on the origin of life and would like to attend our meetings and discuss with us? Join our network!

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