At OoLEN we believe that our scientific goals require a diversity of thought that can not be captured only by diversity of expertise — it must come from a diversity of experiences and perspectives. OoLEN is strongly committed to promote and enable diversity and inclusion in OoL research.

We commit to specific and active support for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, women, minority gender identities, LGBTQ+ and disabled people. At OoLEN you are welcome independently of your religious beliefs. Furthermore, we support the rights of parents to access facilities and resources that allow them to remain in Academia.

Our goals are: full representation of all minorities in healthy and inclusive work environments and active promotion of their career progression towards leadership and decision-making roles. This goal is directly linked to that of creating a healthy community.

Have you suffered any type of discrimination in the OoL community? Do you have ideas or suggestions on how we could improve on this mission, or any inconsistency from our side to report? Contact us!

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