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OoLEN defends honest and responsible communication with the media and the public. Skimming through the media coverage about the origin of life one often gets the impression that it was already solved. But there is undisputedly still quite some way to go before we can say we solved “the whole thing”. This does not mean we cannot get excited about new findings, on the contrary. Good science is a long process and we believe it is important to explain this process, not sell the best story.

This mindset brings us to the quality of publishing. The “story” of a research finding needs to be sold at a level where scientific correctness should be the main focus. At OoLEN we are convinced that the “story” scientists and science journalists share with the public should have the purpose of making the science accessible, not of getting the paper published in the first place.

Modern science is teamwork. We demand this diversity to be consciously reflected in the media and we are commited to use our network to paint a realistic picture of how diverse, colourful and non-binary scientific achievements are the rule, not the exception.

Are you an early career researcher struggling with how to talk to media representatives? Please feel free to contact us! Our communication team is happy to help!

Are you a media representative and want to know more about origin of life research? Please contact us, Depending on your question we can connect you to the best suited scientists in our network!

Are you a teacher and want to dive more into origin of life as a subject for your classes? Please contact us, We are happy to help with your teaching material.

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